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Tessa Winters
Creator / Editing my product pages and Icons / Not Adding at this time.
Multi Role Play Character
Main RP Character Involved with Many New Genres.
Free Woman Gor / Secondary Character
Dressmaker of Nykotos
@-->----- Currently Hanging out with my life partner @ _____ -----
@-->----- Reserved for Tessa of Winters -----
@-->----- Free Woman Character -----
Free Name: Lady Tessa of Nykotos
Caste: Merchant ~ Dressmaker
Sex: Female
Status: Merchant ~ Shop Holder in the City of Nykotos
Companions Name: None
Companionship Date: N/A
Companions Rank and Caste: N/A
Number of Children: 0
Home Stone of Birth: Ka Zahr
Previous City(s): Ka Zahr, Calem Port, Temos
Previous Rank and Caste(s): Merchant Dressmaker
Medical exam date: Current
Age: 36
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Body Type: Slender Hourglass
Eye Color: Light Green
Vision: Clear and Eyes Healthy
Hair Color/Length: Blonde ~ Medium Length
Complexion: Fair Golden Tan
Teeth: Color White Healthy and Eye tooth slightly turned
Hearing: Excellent
Identifying Marks: Scar under her Chin from an accident growing
Piercings: None
The fabrics of Gor and accessories. How to manage my coin. And the skill to keep me comfortable.
Have read the history of this world. The skill of sewing. And the Nose for scents.
Raised in Ka Zahr I am of Fair heritage. If you look to cities of earth you would compare me to a person of German descent. Fair haired Light Eyes. The city it's self-reflected this style.
I keep most of my life practice and choose to live within my means nothing over in abundance. I save my coin for a rainy day. My worth is high but that comes from the working of my hands. And the ability to hide my merchants gold.
Previous History:
I was raised under the caste of my father as most on Gor Her was a tradesman of the merchant caste he was a Tailor, my mother worked with the oils know as a perfumer. Among those talents I inherited both and took a love for the finest of fabrics and my hands molding them into something of beauty. As I grew older Fathers hands became crippled. And it was my time to take over his debts and his craft. To my demise, he was left without so much as a copper tarsk. And I had to build taking in odd jobs. Living from one high caste home to the next usually a home large in offspring and in need of a seamstress to take care of the mending and clothing. As a scrimped to save and help my family I became well known among those in Ka Zahr. When I had a bit of coin to spare I would craft a fine gown or Robe and sell it to the shops on the streets. Taking those earnings to make more. As time has allowed me I made a fine coin eventually opening a small store. A Tatrix in the south had traveled to the fairs and I had sold her one of my finest gowns. I was sent word that she had wanted me to come and make the clothing for her and her city. A sailing ship sent me to a new life. Where I was able to buy out my father's debts and leave them a fair coin to live in my absence. Since that time I have set up my own shop and traveled with this family through all of their adventures. Now making my home surrounded by mountains. A feeling of home as I am settled and earning a fair living once more.

Dorian Winters

A special thank you to all of those I have met in my time here at IMVU. With out us there would be no virtual world. And with that comes the greatest gift of all, I have met the love of my life here and am lucky to have him in my real life daily. To all of those with or without hope there is always someone out in this world for you never settle for less than you deserve. And always make sure your heart is given...but guarded. Til you know all the facts.
~~~~~~~~~~~~© Bloodshed Tearz Inc. 2018~~~~~~~~~~~
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