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Are we okay again now? Good.
~Your colors are magnificent~
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>It has been brought to our attention that certain individuals, unsatisfied with merely copying ELVEN products, are now impersonating her in various group rooms. These people are a special kind of pathetic, and no doubt will continue what they are doing regardless of what we call them out on. However, if you're one of those people who cares what the truth is, you'll notice none of these impersonators claiming to have LadyElvenstar as an "extra account" has ever logged in as her. Now, why would that happen? How strange. -David0808
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...then again perhaps I am being unfair. Perhaps he is the world's smartest oyster and can only type by throwing himself bodily against the keyboard, seeking understanding in a world full of danger.
- David0808

about people who don't even bother to type properly.

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