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about me
i'm male.
i live in florida.
i'm gay.
i do take requests, specifically hair here
want to know more? message me.
my newest products, click here for more
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pastel paw - 3k or trades

teacup - 3k or trades

pink panties - 3k or trades

love doctor - 3k or trades

ghost - 3k or trades

enderman - 3k or trades

jammie dodger - purchase two items from catalog, review, and send me a message with both items

ily - unbuyable/nonrequestable, i will send you it if i like you
want to support me? place my banner on your homepage. (✿◠‿◠)

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. dee | bitter. dee | platinum. dee | black. hair bow | latte. hair bow | bitter. hair bow | platinum

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