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"hello! and welcome"

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Hi everone. hope you like your stay at my little space on IMVU.just a little about myself I have a very loving woman. that soon I will be marrying. we have 5 great kids ages from 16 years to 13 months old.so they can keep SerenityDivine and myself on the move lol.so to speak. Im still all new to this homepage and making art on the computer so any good info would help me out very much so.well thanks again for coming and hope you like what you see ........ take care and have fun

also you can stop by my Fiancee homepage and see her Products.

Friends, dragons, cats, Art, Movies, music, kids, canada, dogs, Family, Gamer, books, Celtic, tv, Tattoo, History, aries, camping, Knights, SciFi, comic, worldofwarcraft
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this is my pet Drag !feel free to feed him if ya like!

adopt your own virtual pet!

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